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Miniature Vegan Cheesecakes with Sweet Dark Cherry Glaze

Vegan Cheesecake sounds like an oxymoron, but in reality, these little desserts are tasty, delicious, creamy, and the same rich flavor that you would expect from your New York Style Cheesecake counterparts. These desserts are baked in the oven, so while the recipe does call for raw cashews, this is not a raw-vegan cheesecake. If you are looking for a raw vegan dessert, try this Mango Coconut Raw Vegan Cheesecake and use soaked raw cashews instead of roasted cashews in the recipe. But if you are looking for a cheesy baked cheesecake recipe, you are already in the right place!

The Home Baked Vegan's Miniature Vegan Cheesecakes are: Vegan (As always, this means no animal products are used in this recipe, which means this cheesecake recipe is dairy-free and egg-free). Soy-free Refined-sugar Free (the sweet dark cherry glaze does use white sugar, but the cheesecake crust and filling are both free from refined sugar). Make it gluten-free by using Gluten-free Granola instead of All Bran…

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