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Gingerbread House Template Free Printable

Free Printable: Gingerbread and Sugar Cookie House Template The holidays are approaching, which means it's officially baking season. Sugar cookies are probably my favorite 'Christmas baked good' to make, because they are so much fun to decorate, which makes it a close toss up between sugar cookies and gingerbread houses. I have fond memories of decorating gingerbread houses with my brother and sister each year. We would decorate them, then display them in the living room with all of our Christmas decorations. We weren't supposed to eat the house until after Christmas, so naturally, my siblings and I would pick pieces off the back of the gingerbread house, so by the time Christmas came around, the gingerbread house was actually rather sparse (and sometimes missing part of the roof...) As young adults, we even had an epic gingerbread house decorating contest (my sister and I recreated our cabin on the lake, complete with rice cereal moose and cookie outhouse). Now that I&

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