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Vegan Lemon Macarons

I have been experimenting with my macaron recipe lately, troubleshooting, fine-tuning, and taking some constructive criticism to the kitchen so I can learn (and share) how to make some of the best vegan macarons! I'd like to start by saying that macarons are tricky little treats that can create all sorts of crazy results.  
The ideal macarons (lets call them 'Perfect Pretty Macs'), have smooth, uniform shells that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, with no hollow pits. The shells should have uniform "feet" (these are the air pockets you see at the base of the macaron shells - they develop when the batter rises in the oven), and are sandwiched together with a filling of your choice (often buttercream or ganache), to make these beautiful, uniform looking sandwich cookies that we call Macarons.

Some of the problems I ran into while learning how to make macarons, were:
Lopsided feet
No feet at all
Cracked tops
Hollow shells
Lumpy shells

These are jus…

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